Benefits of Leasing near Lancaster, PA

Benefits of Leasing near Lancaster, PA

Perhaps you are dreaming of driving a car you saw advertised through Prince Street, but financing is beyond your limits at the moment. The good news is that a lease gives you the vehicle you’re after. Prepare to love this contract for its different benefits, which you’ll reap when signing up for one at Jack Giambalvo Buick GMC.


Firstly, one way that a lease benefits you is by providing you with three end-of-contract options. If the GMC Sierra 1500 or Buick Enclave you leased was terrific enough to meet your preferences, you have the ability to finance the vehicle. Just apply for a loan at our location, and we can give you some options offered by our local lenders. All you would have to pay during the financing plan is what amount is left after the lease ends, and not a penny more! Life events, such as getting married or moving to a new city away from Lancaster, can cause you to need a different model. So, whether you need a pickup truck or an SUV in the next few years, renew a lease with one of our fresh vehicles. But if all you’re aiming to do is return your leased model and move on somewhere else to acquire a car, all we ask is that you stay for a bit while we inspect the vehicle’s parts and odometer readings. Afterward, we’ll return to you if there are any over mileage, excess wear and tear, or other kinds of fees. If all payments have been collected, or no fees have accrued, you’re free to go!


If you’re not familiar with the terms and conditions of a leasing agreement, you should know that service warranties are included with your contract. When you begin driving your car, you’ll have to consistently ensure that its routine maintenance is completed. Of course, our Service Center’s skilled mechanics will efficiently handle whatever your car needs. This is required in order to avoid further wear and tear on the car’s components. Plus, maintenance is required for your car to avoid a potentially dangerous situation when driving on Queen Street, such as a blowout from the tires not being rotated properly, for example. Because you’re not spending cash on the whole dollar amount of certain services, this contract can be affordable for lessees. So, it’s possible to cruise with a car for less cash to work without sacrificing your budget to keep its parts maintained.

Saving Cash

Lastly, you should not only know about the aforementioned benefits but also about the fact that you’ll save cash. You’ll notice that the cost of the vehicle you acquire is only the depreciated value of its original sticker price. Better yet, you can change what the depreciated amount can be by choosing your lease time frame, which is a number between two and four years. So, with the cash that you save after making each monthly installment, you can create a new savings account for whatever you’d like, such as a down payment for a house or student loans. Come choose a car to lease at our Finance Center!

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