Coolant Service in York, PA

Coolant Service in York, PA

Coolant is one of the essential fluids for your vehicle. Without it, your car will experience volatile temperatures that could cause a mechanical breakdown. To help drivers in the York area even further, our Jack Giambalvo Buick GMC guide can tell you more about the substance’s purpose, the service timeline, and how to identify problems with the liquid. Read further for details.

Purpose of the Coolant

In addition to the oil, coolant is a vital fluid found in a motor vehicle. This solution cycles through a system alongside the engine and transmission, lowering the temperature while the vehicle is idle or cruising on West Philadelphia Street. Plus, coolant is designed to keep the engine from overheating or freezing. While the liquid is flowing through the system, it ensures that the plastic and metal components won’t melt. To keep it cool, the fluid flows to the radiator. The car’s fan blows a rush of air onto the module, while the aerodynamics reduce the temperature even further during driving. The antifreeze, another name for coolant, is returned to the motor.


On average, coolant lasts up to 30,000 miles or two years. However, some of the latest models have antifreeze with an estimated lifespan of five to ten years. It may be hard to identify how old your radiator fluid is, especially if you just bought a vehicle. Usually, our Service Department double-checks the coolant to ensure that the car has enough in the reservoir. If it’s low, we’ll fill it to the appropriate level. Of course, driving on paths like U.S. Route 30 more than the determined mileage means a shorter duration. We recommend having the vehicle evaluated every six months along with other tasks to see how the solution is holding up.

Warning Signs

Does your cabin have a sweet or mild smell? When coolant gets older, it could have an odor. Additionally, it drops in pH, making it more acidic. Over time, the solution will deteriorate the housing of specific parts, such as the water pump, hoses, or radiator. Another symptom of poor antifreeze is if the engine is overheating. Typically, the thermostat needle will be slightly below the middle point, which correlates to the temperature. If it goes over the halfway indicator, your car is in danger of mechanical failure. We highly recommend that you wait for the vehicle to cool down before trying to replace the coolant fluid. The safest way to have the liquid exchanged is to bring it to our professional technicians, so don’t hesitate to visit us at our location. If you want to receive service upon arrival, schedule an appointment online today!

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