GMC Spring Service and Maintenance in York, PA

GMC Spring Service and Maintenance in York, PA

Spring weather is relatively mild in the early months, like March and April, but as May, gets closer the temperatures begin to ramp up. Therefore, it’s important to prepare your GMC for any adventures you’ll have in the flowering season. But what services are necessary for your vehicle? We at Jack Giambalvo Buick GMC talk about what you’ll need in this article.

Cabin Air Filter Checks and Replacements

While the spring climate is brisk and comforting in the York region, pollen can really start to cause allergies for you and your passengers. To help battle this problem within the cockpit, we recommend having the cabin air filter inspected. Newer GMC vehicles typically have components that can last up to a year. If you’ve been driving around for a while, you probably should think about having an air filter changed after six months, especially around the time spring begins. Additionally, you should double check the engine’s air filter as well. That way, you can reduce particles coming into the car and affecting parts under the hood. By having this task done, you’re able to decrease allergens in the cabin and breathe fresh air from the climate control system.

Tire Inspection and Replacement

As you transition from the colder months of the year, you’ll need to have your tires evaluated. While all-season tires are excellent for temperature, they can start to show signs of wear after 12 months. When extreme temperatures set into the tread, they will slowly corrode the rubber. So, it’s crucial to see if there is any dry rot on the tires. Is the tread’s surface smooth and have no grooves? This eventually leads to less traction and degradation of fuel economy, which means more trips your GMC has to take to the gas station. Fortunately, you’re able to fix this issue with a new set of tires. Our Service Department can remove the old units for you, while the Parts Center can find four factory-fresh tires. That way, you’ll be ready to trek on West Philadelphia Street without worry.

Fluid Check

One of the most important services your vehicle needs when driving on U.S. Highway 30 is an oil change. If you had an oil swap during the winter, there’s a chance that your GMC has a fluid with a lower viscosity. As you approach seasons like spring, the brand usually requires thicker oil. The dense liquid allows the powertrain to stay cooler longer, and it’s helpful during rising temperatures. You should also have the coolant levels checked as well. Having this done will examine whether or not the radiator fluid is corrosive. If so, it may be time to have it flushed and replaced with a coolant that’s right for your GMC SUV or pickup truck. Additionally, consider having your brake fluid evaluated so your pads and rotors won’t get overheated during the warmer times of the year. We can provide a full diagnostic of your vehicle, so schedule a service appointment online for assistance.

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