Lease End Options in York, PA

Lease End Options in York, PA

Whether you’re reading this a few weeks before your current lease ends or if you’re simply curious as to what steps to take once this contract reaches its final day, we at Jack Giambalvo Buick GMC will provide you with the necessary information you need to move forward. Once you’ve finished perusing this article, visit us at our location in York to get a feel for a vast inventory selection!

Continue Leasing

If you decide on taking advantage of one of the major upsides of opting for a leasing contract, you’ll probably consider trading in your current vehicle for a factory-model by continuing the agreement. Because you’ll have already familiarized yourself with the ins and outs of the stipulations involved with this undertaking, you’ll feel more comfortable speaking with our Finance Department regarding stipulations. For example, if you enjoyed having access to the modern technology features of your prior vehicle but didn’t like the mileage allotment that you had agreed upon, simply inquire to adjust your parameters so you can liberally drive to Reservoir Park in your future leased vehicle. Or, if you desire to hang onto your car for a longer period of time this time around, you can always choose to extend the contract length.

Lease Buyout

In some cases, those under a leasing contract will thoroughly enjoy their current vehicle so much that long-term ownership becomes an attractive option for them to pursue. If you want to aim for this route, you can look forward to the satisfaction of receiving your tangible vehicle title once the final payment has been fulfilled. At that point, you will no longer have to make payments on your model and you’re also allowed the freedom of customizing it as well. From larger wheels to fixed interior lighting, your options are boundless in terms of personalizing it for onlookers at North York Borough Park to admire. It’s always important to keep in mind that you should still keep up with routine maintenance tasks, especially once your vehicle is considered high mileage. Let our Service Center representatives help you in this regard!

Walk Away

You should always have the peace of mind in knowing that you are able to end the leasing agreement, hand the keys back over to our staff, and walk away scot-free. If you anticipate that you’d like to go for this option once the contract ends, it’s wise that you schedule a lease inspection two to three months before you’re due to return the vehicle. This is performed to cover any damages incurred to the exterior of your car, which may include chips and scratches after a few cruises down the Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Highway. This is why it’s crucial to address visible blemishes on both its interior and exterior prior to the scheduled inspection date to circumvent any unwanted surprise charges. Because illuminated service lights are also scrutinized, we recommend that you contact us in order to see our service technicians to assist you in those endeavors!

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