The Importance of Routine Maintenance near Lancaster, PA

The Importance of Routine Maintenance near Lancaster, PA

Tending to your vehicle has many benefits that you can reap by coming to the Service Center at Jack Giambalvo Buick GMC. We also have specials that you will be able to take advantage of, so browse them ahead of time!

What Is Routine Maintenance?

Service that counts as routine usually consists of tasks that must be completed at regular intervals in order to keep your car running smoothly. These projects also include preventative measures that ensure your vehicle doesn’t encounter any unforeseen problems as you traverse Roseville Road. Oil changes and tire rotations are among the most common, as these should be accomplished every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Additionally, you should have us inspect your vehicle on a consistent basis. That way, we can discover issues in their early stages before they become too dangerous. 

Warning Signs

Some routine maintenance items have corresponding dashboard warning indicators that illuminate when something is amiss. If you see an oil or battery light on your driver information cluster while heading to Lancaster County Central Park, be sure to visit us soon. Make sure you swing by if you find that you can’t start your engine, as it may be due to a spent battery. Low oil often presents itself in the form of smoke coming from the tailpipe, which is a red flag to address with haste. A musty smell in the cabin can mean you need a new air filter. To get advice or to ask us about these warning signs, contact our team.


Timely service for your car is essential, as it can ensure that it lasts for the long haul. An engine that has been taken care of will also be more efficient as you cruise around Lancaster. Since the powertrain won’t need to work as hard with good oil and the tires will have better grip, you can expect keen handling and control on the go. If you ever plan to sell or trade your car, it will likely be worth more if your service records show a positive history of routine maintenance. You are welcome at Jack Giambalvo Buick GMC during open hours, so bring your car to our location for prompt service. When you do, you can work with our team to set up a consistent schedule.

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