Service & Parts FAQS


Q: What are the facts about Synthetic Oil

A: Why Is It Important to Use a Synthetic Oil That Cleans? Simply put, a cleaner engine is better protected and more responsive. It’s a fact of life that all engines generate contaminants. Contaminants such as soot, carbon, and sulfuric and nitric acid are inevitable byproducts of the combustion process. And all of them end up in your motor oil to varying degrees. So the question isn’t whether you need an oil that cleans, but how well your oil cleans the dirt and deposits your engine generates.

Q: Why Trade Up to a Full Synthetic Oil?
Part of the job of engine oil is to suspend the contaminants within the oil until your next oil change. It’s a fairly daunting task for engine oil to suspend all the contaminants thrown at it; the truth is that full synthetic motor oils like Pennzoil Ultra™ and Pennzoil Platinum® do a better job of preventing deposits on engine surfaces than conventional oils and synthetic blends can do. In fact, both motor oils exceed certain cleanliness standards that conventional oils and synthetic blends just can’t meet.* *Based on GM4718M and Honda HTO-06 tests using SAE 5W-30.

Q: What are the Myths about Synthetic Oil?

Myth: Once you switch to synthetic oil you can never switch back. This is one of the most persistent myths about synthetic oil—and completely untrue. You can switch back and forth at any time. In fact, synthetic blends are simply a mixture of synthetic and conventional oils. It is advisable that you use the same oil for top-ups if needed, thereby giving you the best protection from the oil that you have chosen.
Myth: You shouldn’t use synthetic oil in an older vehicle. The myth is rooted in the idea that synthetic oil is “slipperier,” lower in viscosity, or not as compatible with seals and will therefore leak or leak more in places conventional oil might not. Again, completely untrue. Synthetic oils will enhance the engine protection in older vehicles just as they do for new engines.
Myth: You should break in your engine with conventional oil before you start using synthetic oil. Again, there’s no manufacturer we’re aware of that makes this recommendation. Mercedes, Porsche, Corvette, some Cadillacs, Volkswagen, Hyundai, and many other manufacturers’ cars come from the factory with synthetic oil.
Myth: Using synthetic oil voids a car’s warranty. Untrue. The only engines that specifically exclude the use of synthetic motor oil are some Mazda rotary engines.
Myth: Synthetics made from Group III base oils are not true synthetics and are not as good as PAO-based synthetics in Group IV. Again, untrue. Synthetics made from Group III oil can, in some cases, outperform those made in Group IV oils in some areas of performance.
Q: How often should I have my tires rotated?

A: We recommend having your tires checked during every oil change for wear and tear, different driving habits will lead to different amounts of time between needing your tires rotated or changed. Standard time is every 6,000 miles.

Q: What’s a good reliable towing company? What are their hours?

A: At Jack Giambalvo Buick GMC We have partnered with Louie’s Towing Service to bring you quick, convenient towing 24 hours a day. Feel free to give them a call at (717) 850-3736 or visit their website to learn more:

Q: Why does my tire pressure change?

A: If it is a cold day out your tire pressure may drop slightly due to the weather, and then as you drive or as it gets warmer out, the air in your tires may expand and your pressure will be back to normal. If you are concerned it is too low feel free to give one of our expert service advisors a call at (717) 850-3736

Q: I purchased my vehicle from you, Do I get Free State Inspections?

A: Yes, Since you have purchased your vehicle from us we do offer free PA State Inspections for the life of your vehicle. Recently, we have also extended this offer to also include every vehicle registered under your household. (This offer does not include Emissions, Inspections out of Pennsylvania, or any repairs that need to be made for your vehicle to pass. It is only valid on each vehicle once a year.)

Q: Can you still get Pontiac Parts?

A: YES, we are still the Pontiac dealer in this area for parts and service

Q: I am not the original owner of the vehicle, how will the manufacturer know to send me information on open recalls?

A: They receive their information through registration at Penndot.

Q: I have a check engine light on, Autozone pulled this code. Can’t you just tell me what is wrong with the vehicle? Why do I need diagnostics?

A: This code gives us an area to start looking in, it does not give the answer to what is wrong with the vehicle.

Q: I was at your dealership recently, How do I leave a review?

A: We have reviewes all over the web, but the best way to share your story with Jack Giambalvo would be on Google + Where the reviews show up right on the search results page. If you do not know how please watch this short film below.